Aspen Crossing started with some land, a tree nursery, and a respect for Canadian Railway history. With a passionate vision, Aspen Crossing is becoming Western Canada’s premier rural destination.

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Once you get here…

Explore over 300 acres of the great outdoors with views that go on forever. Visit Pequito Pond, stroll through our gardens and greenhouses, get ice cream at the Camp Store, or discover that perfect souvenier at our unique and fun Gift shop at the Station. Aspen Crossing is host to 19 different themed train excursions for every age and taste – including Romance on the Rails, Champagne Brunch, Kidd Ranch, Games Night Train, Can-eh-dian Train, and more. The famous and very popular Train of Terror and Polar Express run throughout the Fall and Winter. Our dining options include the historic home that is now the Bergquist House Tavern and the famous 1887 Diefenbaker Dining Car.

About Aspen Crossing

Aspen Crossing offers RV camping and outstanding railway journeys at the edge of a beautiful little ‘valley’ in Southern Alberta, 50 minutes southeast of Calgary on the edge of Canada’s great plains. Remember the haunting sound of a late-night train whistle; balancing your steps down a railway track; or waving at the conductor of a passing locomotive? Live the memory at today’s Aspen Crossing. The resort offers great pub food in the Bergquist Tavern, casual dining in the Railcar Restaurant, unique and fun gifts at the Station, and our train excursions that so many fans rave about.

“An evolving prairie destination providing guests an opportunity to create unparalleled memories”

– 2024 Mission –