Aspen Crossing, our prairie premier camping and outdoor recreation destination, continues to delight campers with a widening array of services. Now delivering with our new delivery car, campers can enjoy the convenience of having delectable tavern-style food delivered right to their campsites. This innovative offering continues to elevate the camping experience at Aspen Crossing and provide campers with delicious meals without the need to leave their campsite.

With our newly expanded tavern, campers at Aspen Crossing can savor a diverse menu that caters to various tastes and preferences. Whether it’s mouthwatering burgers, baked lasagna, or beef nachos, the tavern menu offers a wide range of options to satisfy your appetite. The campsite food delivery service ensures that our guests can indulge in these delectable dishes while relaxing in the comfort of their own campsites, without the hassle of cooking or venturing to our on-site tavern, and no cleanup.

To avail themselves of this enticing new service, campers simply need to TEXT their orders (403)485-1073 (minimum $30 order) to the Aspen Crossing Tavern and include their campsite details. Our delivery team will bring the freshly prepared meals directly to the designated campsite, allowing campers to enjoy the vibrant flavours of the tavern while immersed in the natural beauty of the campground. This convenient and hassle-free option exemplifies Aspen Crossing’s commitment to enhancing the camping experience and providing memorable moments for all visitors.

Whether it’s families seeking a delightful camping adventure or groups of friends looking to unwind and enjoy nature, Aspen Crossing’s improved tavern food delivery service adds an extra touch of convenience and luxury to the camping experience. With the introduction of this innovative offering, guests can now relish a delectable feast without compromising the joys of outdoor living. Aspen Crossing continues to redefine the camping experience by combining excellent amenities, scenic train excursions, great scenery, and now the savory delights of our tavern, all brought directly to your doorstep.

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