35 Things People Wish They Knew Before Buying A Used Camper Trailer

37 used trailer tips

Are you in the market to buy a used trailer?

It can be quite the daunting task, especially if you are new to the game. That is why we have put together a list of over 35 tips and suggestions from buyers just like you who once had to go through the same task.

Every image in this article contains a link to even more amazing tips and advice for both new and experienced RV and trailer owners.

1. Inspect for water damage / mould around doors, windows, skylights, vents, seams, corners, etc.

2. Roofs are notorious for leaks, so check corner cupboards and shower units for evidence of leaks 

Roof Leak
Photo Credit: www.getawaycouple.com

3. Inspect floors and walls for water damage

4. Ensure the trailer is well lit

5. Try all taps to make sure they are in proper working condition, and water flows smoothly

Rv Tap Leak
Photo Credit: www.outdoorsy.com

6. Open and close every cupboard, drawer, and access area

7. Lay in the bed to see if fits well for comfort and size

Camper Bed
Photo Credit: www.camperreport.com

8. Double check that the layout suits your needs and your families needs. 

9. Make sure your vehicle is capable of towing the trailer

10. If you are getting a bumper pull trailer, make sure your trailer doesn’t exceed 75/80% of your truck’s rated tow capacity. Especially if you have a short wheelbase tow vehicle. 

Best trucks for towing
Photo Credit: www.togorv.com

11. Make sure the wheels on a bumper pull type trailer are quite a bit farther behind the middle of the trailer. It will be a lot safer to pull, especially in windy or emergency situations. Trailers with the wheels near the middle will quickly get out of control in windy or emergency manoeuvring situations. 

12. Take an experienced, knowledgeable, trusted person with you when you go trailer shopping if you are a newbie. 

13. Look in every square inch for mice poop.

14. If there are slide outs, make sure they open and close smoothly / effectively

15. Check underneath to see if it is sealed well or has big holes mice could get in.

16. Make sure couch pillows are still in good condition.

17. Check all the appliances to make sure they all work. Depending on the year of the unit, it may be more expensive to buy the appliances than to get a different unit.

18. Make sure the trailer provides enough storage.

19. Check that the dining table is strong enough to sleep on

20. Check underneath to see if it is sealed well or has big holes mice could get in – run if it does.

21. Research the construction that makes a good RV, for example how the front is built, how the seams are sealed, how the frame is built, etc. Some RV brands are way better than others.

family camper
Photo Credit: www.drivinvibin.com

22. Don’t buy trailers with carpet. They are huge water/mud traps, especially if you have dogs.

23. Take a very serious look at the bathroom and sit down on the toilet as if you are going to do your business. The last thing you need is to have a bathroom where you can’t close the door because your legs get in the way

Photo Credit: www.barefootdetour.com

24. Inspect the exhaust fans for proper functionality.

25. Counter space is vital. Camping will often make you minimize but get as much counter space as you can, or you might be struggling to find a place to put your stuff!

26. Inspect the frame for cracks 

cracked frame
Photo Credit: www.rvlife.co

27. Look at tanks and plumbing for blockages and function.

28. Observe the roof and seams, see if they look like they’ve been caulked in the past year. 

29. Check every tire, including the spare, for the date it was manufactured. Do not rely on tire kicking or putting a dime in the tread. Tires need to be replaced every 5-6 years.

30. Check the batteries and propane tanks for expiration dates

propane tank
Propane Tank Facts: www.rvwhisperer.com

31. Always look under the unit. Sometimes a bent axle or road damage can go missed

32. Measure the bunks. If they are all the full length of a normal bed, kids will outgrow them pretty quickly.

Photo Credit: www.thesleepjudge.com

33. Make sure the fridge works on electric and propane

34. Stand in the shower to determine if it is suitable for the whole family. It will rarely be perfect, but check for things you might dislike over time.

35. Is there air conditioning and does it work?